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This Series, captures developing 30 minute snapshots of the machinations and fun at a cosmopolitan Coffee Shop and how it feeds into the struggles and evolution of a teenage wannabe novelist, who has made it his second home…

The novel corona virus still rages on and has mutated into variants. Enter the ADEPAS, a progressive and forward-looking family. How do they traverse this new world order?

A cartoon rendition of four characters and their different perspectives of life, aged 8-18, bound by family and school ties, as they traverse the COVID period

A Made-for-web, TV and Radio drama series in Akan, pitting a COVID-19 savvy wife against her recalcitrant husband who contracts the virus.

An exciting Series capturing a group of young urban people from all over Africa and beyond in a students’ hostel – the good, the bad, the ugly!

This action packed 30-minute online, radio and TV drama series, plays a Patriotic Teacher cum Assemblyman versus a bombastic and ruthless businessman, who tango over the hearts, minds and pockets of the people.