Category Film & TV

Coffee Shop

This Series, captures developing 30 minute snapshots of the machinations and fun at a cosmopolitan Coffee Shop and how it feeds into the struggles and evolution of a teenage wannabe novelist, who has made it his second home…

New Life

The novel corona virus still rages on and has mutated into variants. Enter the ADEPAS, a progressive and forward-looking family. How do they traverse this new world order?


A cartoon rendition of four characters and their different perspectives of life, aged 8-18, bound by family and school ties, as they traverse the COVID period

Corona Life

A Made-for-web, TV and Radio drama series in Akan, pitting a COVID-19 savvy wife against her recalcitrant husband who contracts the virus.

House of Umoja

An exciting Series capturing a group of young urban people from all over Africa and beyond in a students’ hostel – the good, the bad, the ugly!


This action packed 30-minute online, radio and TV drama series, plays a Patriotic Teacher cum Assemblyman versus a bombastic and ruthless businessman, who tango over the hearts, minds and pockets of the people.


Two childhood friends (now husband, and wife), combine forces, one with a Finance/Investment background, the other with a Graphics Design/Web Development and advertising background.

Sunshine Avenue

An action packed satirical drama, set in a 21st century middle-class neighbourhood in Africa, featuring a wannabe Marilyn Monroe, an international students’ hostel, a long-suffering home-maker, a con artist turned priest and many more…

Gold Coast

The movie Gold Coast is adapted from true events and follows the botanist and visionary Wulff who in 1836 travels from Denmark to the Danish possessions in Danish Guinea (today’s Ghana).

Production Management

Production Management Apart from equipment, crew and cast brokerage, we are able to undertake the entire gamut of work, involved in production management including: Transportation Accommodation Catering Scheduling Accounting Location scouting and acquisition Acquisition of film permits And all other…